Shanti Deva Vidyalaya (SDV) Residential School

The Shanti Deva Vidyalaya, an English medium residential school was established by the Society under the noble guidance and philanthropic care of H.E. the 13th Tsona Gontse Rinpoche in the year 1997 to meet the educational and cultural needs of the poor, deprived, orphans and the children from remote areas of Arunachal Pradesh. It was named after a great scholar Bodhisattva of the Nalanda University to churn out talented students by infusing the values cherished by the Great Shanti Deva, who was an embodiment of knowledge, morality and kindness.

The school works on a vision to prepare its students for facing the real life situations positively and more meaningfully. Hence, Bhoti language has been included as one of the main subjects in its curricula along with the core subjects taught under the NCERT syllabus with a view to preserve the traditional cultural heritage. The school is well equipped with computers, Science laboratory and Library for imparting education with the help of modern suitable teaching aids. The quality of education imparted by the school is evident from the consistent performances through our students at annual examinations for a decade of its existence as also in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Academic session:

The session 2017-2018 saw varied events and happenings that touched us, inspired us and taught us. All year through the whole school team continued to put efforts towards quality improvement in every aspect of our work. We set standards and goals for ourselves and strived to achieve them.

     Besides following CBSE syllabus and CCE pattern as prescribed by the Govt. of India our school has adopted BHOTI language as one of our main languages to prepare the students to face the real life situation more positively and meaningfully. It is also expected that learning BHOTI also will help them understand and preserve their own indigenous culture. The students of our school are also well acquainted with Computer Education provided by CTC under BCPS.

This year we have admitted 325 students in our school which is highest number till date.