Thubten Choeling Balika Vidyalaya, Lhou


Thubten Choeling Balika Vidyalaya is the first of its kind in the whole of North East region. It will work towards imparting education in the field of Buddhist philosophy, Language and Literature (Bhoti, Hindi and English), indigenous techniques in paper making, traditional handicrafts and other traditional skills to the women folk in general and nuns in particular. The medium of instruction is Bhoti, English and Hindi. Besides, instruction in Social Science, Science and Mathematics is also imparted for blending of traditional wisdom with modern system of national education. At present there are 101 girls student/Nuns and the objectives is to increase the capacity of the Girl/Nun to cater for the increasing demand for entry into the Institution.


  1. To offer the opportunity to the nuns to get educated in a system of education having a fine blend of traditional indigenous wisdom and modern pattern of national education.
  2. To offer education to nuns with a solid grounding in their tradition cultural heritage.
  3. To inculcate awareness for ecological balance and preservation of natural resources and cultural heritage.
  4. To impart training in traditional handicrafts.
  5. To groom the nuns and other women students in the school to popularize the message of universalisation of primary and secondary education among the women of Tawang and other districts populated by Buddhist Communities in Arunachal Pradesh.