The Gorsam Chorten / Stupa believed to have been constructed sometimes in 12th century A.D. is, probably, the largest Buddhist Stupa of North East India. It is situated at a place called Zemithang about 92 km away from Tawang, the well-known tourist destination.

The renovation of the Gorsam Stupa had been completed successfully. On the occasion of Losar (New Year) about 12,000 believers were gathered to celebrate the festival called Gorsam Kora. The society is taking utmost care to preserve by conducting religious activities at the centre.

A Dharamshala has been constructed for the visitors, which is being maintained. Encircling habitation has been relocated by persuasion for protection of environment around the Stupa.  

After completion, Gorzam Stupa has since been returned back to the people of Zemithang, Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh.